The Illuminati – My Theory

My theory of the illuminati is slightly different to everyone else. Because of the media, various online videos on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, etc. Because of blogs with miss-leading information and ill informed opinions, people have a sinister view of the Illuminati.

Most people will think that the Illuminati is the “elite” the people who control the world, the real ones in charge, the men behind the scenes, but that just doesn’t make sense to me. There has been a lot of attention over the recent years of something called the “N.W.O” (New World Order). Ask yourself one simple question, the people in charge currently, are making huge amounts of money from the war in afghan, the raise in taxes, etc, etc. WHY WOULD THEY WANT ANYTHING TO CHANGE?

They are already making millions and millions, why on earth would they decide to change it? No, that doesn’t make sense to me, it isn’t logical. The current people in power, I believe them to be apart of the Old World Order (or current world order), and the Illuminati to be the people who are attempting to fix the problems they’ve caused for centuries and are finally being able to start putting their plans into action.

I see the Illuminati as a religion, where mathematics is the true “God”. And if you are able to become one with yourself and your environment  you yourself because “God”. I think its much more logical to believe that everything is ran through numbers, that’s the only thing we know as infinite from all of our knowledge over thousands of years, the only one thing we know that is infinite is numbers, and whats the one thing the universe is doing constantly? It’s ALWAYS expanding, JUST like numbers, they’re always continuing.

What I’m trying to get across is that the Illuminati isn’t a secret organisation of devil worshippers, its a group of people who believe themselves to be illuminated or enlightened, they have a higher sense of knowledge than average people, they aren’t trapped inside the invisible prison that the Government (old world order) traps you in from the second you’re born.

Everything you consume will most likely contain some kind of damaging ingredient that when lots of it is consumed over a long period of time, it will be bringing your life expectancy down and eventually killing you. Did you know that there is fluoride in water that comes from your taps which is poisonous to humans? It is also in Prozac which is suppose to be a pain killer, but thats a story for another day.

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